Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life, The Universe, and Everything

As noted in a previous posting, Life's been pretty hectic in the Doc-osphere. Health care is certainly an enjoyable subject, but ironically, it has been health care issues that have generally kept me away from the blogging. All is well, rest assured, and it is high time to return to a bit of writing.

I have learned a few important lessons over the past year, in part due to having an ill loved one, and due to what would best be described as "soul searching." In the area of psychiatry (and just in general!), this is certainly not a bad thing to do periodically-- taking stock of one's self and one's roles. My spirituality, even as it relates to my work, has grown stronger, and I am learning to not to restlessly fight with time; as it unecessary, and, invariably, a battle that one will lose.

Too many.

Troop deaths due to combat in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2010: 462

Troop deaths due to suicide in 2010: 434. Including reservists: 468