Thursday, April 3, 2008

Politcally Incorrect Musings #1

Having a chat with the 11 year old son yesterday; he was trying to recall the name of the amusement park in Pittsburgh. I told him Kennywood Park- and he said, "oh, yeah... I thought it was Kennedywood."
This is not a bad idea. We have Dollywood, a Hard Rock Park, and even a proposed Ben & Jerry's Theme Park. Why not the family of Camelot? I humbly submit a few suggestions:

Kennedywood Park: Attractions:

The Chappaquiddick Water Adventure
Michael's Ski-N-Slide Thrill Coaster
The Joe Kennedy Boat Ride and Refreshment Stand
Rose's Fun House
The Patrick Kennedy Bumper Cars
Sirhan Sirhan's Shooting Gallery
Maria Shriver Presents: "The Gropinator:4D Experience"
The JFK Jr. "L'il Captains' Plane Ride"

And for relaxing afterwards:

The William Kennedy Smith Bar and Beach Walk
and The Grassy Knoll Picnic Area


Erudite Redneck said...

Bitingly clever.

And, don't forget Twitty City, may it rest in amuse park peace.

Doc said...

Well done ER. And thanks for posting!