Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Music Update

With all of this angst floating about, I have decided to have a moment or two of Zen.

First up is a trip back to childhood, a good place for Zen to take us. Gordon Lightfoot has always been a favorite, and takes me back to sitting on my father's large chair listening to oversized headphones playing Gord's lilting sound on a Roberts reel to reel.

I have stayed a solid fan throughout, having performed a few pieces at a coffeehouse or two in the folk incarnation of a band called "Evergreen." Pussywillows, Cat-tails is a fairly early Lightfoot number, from the 1968 album "Did She Mention My Name." While not his best, nor even my favorite of Lightfoot's work (perhaps Christian Island, Don Quixote, Black Day in July--ironically, the flip side of "Pussywillows" single--, or Softly would be in the running there), this song definitely sets the mood I am reaching for.

There are no single renditions that can be embedded easily, so this video has a couple of bonus songs, including The Kingston Trio's "Raspberries, Strawberries" and the lovely Marianne Faithful version of "Greensleeves." (UPDATED: The video previously posted is no longer available; I was able to find a suitable replacement. )

For those who have been following along, musically two of my passions are downtempo or "chillout" music and, of course, Norah Jones. Norah has been lending her god given talents to so many artists over the past 8 years, (Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, and Outkast sure fill out a diverse discography), some of her earliest work was with a downtempo/triphop eclectic group called Wax Poetic. Norah was a member of this band before "Come Away With Me," and had a small bit of commercial success with this song "Angels."

Thievery Corporation did a very nice remix, in which they chill it out even more (Nip/Tuck fans may remember), but I still dig the ease of the original most.

Pour a cup of Chai and light some lavender candles. Breathe. All is well.

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Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

As to Gordon Lightfoot, I always liked "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" myself. I went through a period in college where I would put some Lightfoot on the stereo when I was going to bed, or when I just needed some quiet. I saw a concert of his on PBS during a pledge drive a few years back and I have to admit I was impressed musically, but unimpressed with his lack of interaction with the audience. He stood there, not even acknowledging applause, just playing. Anyway, I do enjoy hearing him even now, on occasion, although the only songs I tend to hear are things like "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald".

I recognize Norah Jones' talent, but just can't get in to her. When that happens with me - like my refusal to think Elvis Costello is a musical genius - I tend to remain quiet.