Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Music Update

Back to the chill-out Divas I go. Emilana Torrini is from Iceland, where apparently the geothermal energy leads to honey-like voices. She had a break into the western world with the album Love in the Time of Science, and her single "To Be Free." She can also be heard singing Gollum's song in The Lord of The Rings.
"Sunny Road" comes off her 2005 album, which was written after (and presumed influenced by) the death of her boyfriend in a car accident. Her work with Thievery Corporation and Paul Oakenfold is certainly more in the electronica-chill genre, but sometimes less is more, as her simple vocals and guitar play out on this track.

"Maa Tujhe Salaam," off the album Vande Mataram, is an interpretation of a very famous patriotic song. August 15th is Independence Day in India, to commemorate their seperation from British rule in 1947. Those who recall Slumdog Millionaire's soundtrack were treated to the fine work of A.R. Rahman, a true national treasure. Rahman has done for Bollywood "filmi" music what Eli Whitney did for cotton. Rahman brings together elements of Western and Eastern music, and incorporates themes of global cultural acceptance. There is no better medium in which to do that, than in music, in my book.

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