Saturday, August 9, 2008

But he had great hair

RIP, I hope, to John Edwards' political career. Too bad that the majority of damage that this man has done will never be righted. A malpractice lawyer, and a bottom-feeder (by malpractice lawyer standards!) at that, Edwards made his money on birth-related injury trials, a low-risk, high-yield trial, for the lawyers--that is. The likelihood of a positive settlement for the patient is slim. Edwards would often use his personal family stories to get points with the jury, stories that don't seem so warm and fuzzy anymore. In Edwards's first big case he artfully channeled the words of an unborn baby girl to convince the jurors that an obstetrician's decision not to perform a Caesarean section resulted in the girl being born with cerebral palsy, in spite of the fact that every scientific study available suggests evidence to the contrary--that the vast majority of CP cases are prelabor, and that Caesarian sections do not reduce this risk. He opposed any birth-injury legislation in North Carolina, that would provide a fund to all born with such injuries (a fund that all doctors, including myself, pay annually here in Virginia), to ensure an open cap on these lotto-trials.

The man lied for a living, at the expense of doctors and patients. And apparently his family as well. I imagine he couldn't look too far at himself in the mirror; now I know why his hair was so great.


Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

Edwards did himself in. The Democrats dodged a bullet by not nominating him, not because I care whether or not he cheated on his wife, but because the press would have been on it like white on rice, and we would be stuck with Pres. McCain.

Doc said...

Yes, and simply, he should have known that, and known better.