Friday, August 22, 2008

Politically Incorrect Musings #2

A news article was sent my way via email regarding Sen. Obama. As the advertising had been cut out, the remaining type appeared in what looked like poetic quatrains. The material read a bit like Robert Frost, which got me thinking...
With apologies to Frost:

Two roads diverged on the political trail
Wished I to avoid the divide
And blaze between a combined trail
But I walked the middle to no avail
Thus resigned myself to decide

To the right before me a light path rose
Uphill, and narrowing
To a mountain top where white wind blows
If that had been the path I chose
Clearly more harrowing

To the left the footpath flowered
Colored, shaded, and well worn floor
Berries abounded and nymphs beckoned, showered
pleasantries and riches. The path towered
As if gliding to the White House door.

In my heart I cannot deny
That when upon a political fence
Two roads diverged, and I--
I took the one more traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

I know, try "Old Man's Winter Night" for McCain next. But Frost's ghost (and probably the copyright owners of his works) will likely be visiting me if I do anymore damage.

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