Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Nice First Posting, I hope.

As being a novice to the blogosphere, my first post will be positive, and representative of my interests. Please feel free to post comments in a civil fashion, and likewise to lobby any queries in my general direction. This blog is designed to look at the world of the mind, the brain, healthcare, and life as a physician. It will from time to time, take a detour into music, politics or just bizarre ramblings. Do feel free to disagree or be offended.

As a physician and a psychiatrist, I certainly devote a great deal of time in thinking about the 1400 grams of grey and white matter lodged in between our ears.
To that end let me post a link that I found fascinating. It involves a young gentleman from England named Stephen Wiltshire. Although he is diagnosed with autism, he has displayed an amazing savant trait. Please check this out. Click here or paste:


Erudite Redneck said...

Made my jaw drop. I will tell Dr. ER about this. The lovely Dr. ER's education is an experimental psychology/animal behavior/gray matter.

My own take on this kind of thing: It could be a glimpse of the abilities we all were supposed to have peeking through! Way cool.

Doc said...

Thanks! Perhaps the abilities we all will someday have...I've always hypothesized these abilities to be evolution in the making. (Perhaps the reported increase in Asperger's [Geek Syndrome] and Autistic diagnoses are evidence to such) I have had some amazing first hand experiences with persons with savant traits, and it never ceases to amaze me. I especially love the joy with which he is able to perform this skill.
I have had the pleasure of meeting Kim Peek, another amazing individual. I'd certainly recommend any readings about him: starting with "The Real Rain Man" by Fran Peek.