Saturday, February 23, 2008

A patient's tough victory

Two areas that need to be addressed in order to manage any semblance of health care reform in this country are tort reform and insurance reform. Many will argue that doctors and other health care providers are not financially affected by these factors (and increasing malpractice rates); however, the effects on how doctors practice medicine is greatly influenced by a need to have ever increasing defensive medical practices- not to mention the increasingly excessive documentation, interactions with insurance for authorizations, denials of coverage, etc.
To that end, such reform related topics will be covered periodically on this blog.
Such as noted here:

The settling of suits against insurance companies has been generally few and far between. The attached article reports about a woman who was one of many patients inappropriately canceled by her insurance. Not unusual, as this is a fairly common practice. Shameful, in that this company, Health Net, actually had an administrator paid to meet a quota of cancellations. Sadly, we have reached a point where the insurance companies and lawyers (by proxy) are dictating much of health care. It's nice to see at least one win for the patients against this practice.

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