Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Real Science, and RIP Mr. Cope

Just perusing the news today, and I noticed an article out of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette (hardly a right wing rag). This represents a good example of what a scientific study should look like: Blinded, randomized, peer reviewed.
The link is here.
The article shows a study which shows, shockingly(!), that antidepressants can work- and sometimes when one doesn't (I guess the placebo didn't do so hot either), then another one might. It encourages patience, and a well thought out game plan when deciding on type and rationale in treatment.
On a sadder note for my fellow Steelers fans, Myron Cope- voice of the Steelers and inventor of the famed "Terrible Towel," has passed away today. "Yoi!, and double Yoi!"- Hope they have a nice Hot Pastrami (with fries in it, of course) where you are now, pal.
Cope was also an ardent supporter of national and local autism societies, as his own son Danny is autistic. All proceeds from the Terrible Towels went, and will continue to go, to the Allegheny Valley School- a facility that provides community and residential training and programs for children and adults with mental retardation.

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